About Payplus

Payplus.pk is world’s first business model that ranks businesses among its competitors on the basis of detailed related information collected from the business and “verified reviews” by the users/customers of that particular business. The business model is unique as it uses well researched formula for different sectors to rank them. It is also unique as only verified reviews are counted in ranking a business. Verified reviews mean that every user who wants to review a business is asked to provide a proof of being the customer/user of that particular business/institute. For instance a student review is only considered verified when he/she attaches their student id issued by that particular institute or a patient can only review a doctor when the patient attaches the prescription written by that particular doctor. Users may also choose not to provide the proof but such reviews will be considered unverified and shall not count towards the rating of the business/institute they have reviewed. The website intends to provide authentic information to all its users so that they can take an informed decision before buying any services/products. The website also helps the users in interacting directly with the services providers by buying services from them, inquiring about certain products services, making appointments/reservations, making complaints or giving suggestions to improve quality etc. The website also is uses a easy way to get discounts from best service providers by reviewing them. This helps both the businesses and users. Users get quality services at discounted price and service provides get better reviews to improve their ranking at Payplus.pk.